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No one waits for you to get better – it is up to you if you want to make the shift to your better game.


Philip Owens

Founder – Better Game Consulting

Philip Owens has spent his career helping people, teams and organisations get unstuck. He has worked with individuals and organisations in over 50 countries to help them adapt and change to experience greater levels of success and create ‘better’ versions of themselves.

He is a specialist in adaptive change. Based on a significant body of experience, qualifications and skills, Phil has honed his craft to provide practical, powerful ways to help those who want to create ‘better’. His approach is informed by best practice and published research, delivering real-world results. With a mix of business, psychology, behaviourist methodologies and a history of award-winning change programs, he is uniquely qualified and experienced to help you achieve the change that you seek.

Phil is also a hobby apiarist (bee keeper) and has a 6th Dan Tae Kwon Do Black Belt.

What I Do

No one waits for you to get better – not your customers, your competitors or your markets.  If you fail to keep up, then you become irrelevant and disruption awaits.

It doesn’t matter how good you were – it only matters what you are doing now to adapt as least as fast as your markets and customers demand.  You can be lean, you can be ‘agile’ – but unless you know how to be adaptive your value and relevance might be a thing of the past. 

Sustained success is built upon the capacity to consistently adapt.  It is built into the fabric of organisations that prosper: it’s in their culture, their strategy, their leadership and their attitude to what they do.

Change is often seen as hard.  Changing once can get you unstuck now, but what if you could develop ways to become truly adaptive – build a capacity to master the curves that change brings and create real opportunities to do and be better as your new normal?


Better Coaching

No one waits for you to get better – It is up to you how you choose to personally adapt

Better Consulting

If your business could have adapted already, it probably would have.  No one is going to wait for you to get better – you will simply be left behind.

Better Facilitation

The synergies that can happen when people get the best of working together can be amazing.  However, more often than not getting people together decreases performance, not increases it.

Better Presentations

When you have a team or group that is getting together, then don’t waste the opportunity to get maximum value for them – and for you – for taking the time to be there.

Better Customer Experience CX

It doesn’t matter what you think of what you do.  The only thing that matters is the customer – and more specifically their expectation of the experience that they get in dealing with you.

Better Futures

Non-random acts of kindness are part of my better game every day.


Structured Programs


Better Game Consulting is located in Melbourne Australia but consults the world over.

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