Voice of Customer – Customer Expectation Analysis

Understand what your customer REALLY wants and expects to empower your strategic success


The Program

Does your customer sit at the heart of what you do?  Do you truly listen to the customer, and do you know what to ask them to find out how to be at the fitness boundary in your industry?  Using a range of unique approaches, The VOC program reshapes the way you approach your customer and how you ‘listen’ to them.  Using a range of methods, including qualitative and quantitative CXE 360 measures, incursion activities, flow gate analysis, research and reviews, the Better Game approach takes you into an ecosystem view of customer expectation.  Beyond journey mapping is flow gate analysis, which allows you to define winning strategies and remove friction across your business. 

This program works with you through consultation, research, workshops coaching and implementation to make the voice of customer the key driver of your sustained success.

We will help you define fitness boundary and gap, define best VOC method then introduce the tools and frameworks to research the VOC and generate valuable insights that feed into your high performance strategy and approach to customer.


What You get

With this program you get:

  • A fitness assessment and VOC review in your current state.
  • A range of VOC-CXE research options, with a proposal of the most likely to make the biggest difference. This leads to a VOC report for your business and strategy suggestions to generate increased fitness.
  • Customer journey review and upgrading to a flow gate analysis.
  • Strategy development workshops of consultations to harness what is learned into specific action plans.
  • Ongoing training and workshops to enhance the power of VOC across the business
  • Leadership coaching and ongoing implementation support


why choose us

At the Better Game we specialise in adaptive change.  This means we have developed the knowledge, skills and experience to assist you take your organisation to its next level. 

Working in large corporates delivering over 600 million Euros of sales growth in 18 months, to facilitating start up biotech firms develop clear and powerful strategies that have led to major international deals and fundraising. 

The Better Game’s approach is informed by best practice and published research, delivering real-world results.


Want to know more

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