Master Your Change Curve

Elegantly create powerful, lasting change


The Program

To get better, we simply have to change.  Change is often seen as ‘hard’, but when you understand the process of change and apply it to your unique situation, change can take you forward to new levels of capability and success. Rather than having change programs crash into resistance barriers, this program helps you build change strategies and powerful internal alignment to see them to success.

In this program, we begin by evaluating the current change plan or review the gap-to-fitness boundary condition that exists for the business. Through workshops or consulting, we work with you to generate a change strategy including specific responses to change issues to make the process as easy and as elegant as it can be.  By employing proven, validated models built on the body of literature and research, the change strategy becomes the engine of your emerging success.

Supporting the implementation of change strategy can involve deep engagement with all stakeholders throughout the organisation.  With the ability to deliver supportive training or facilitated workshops, the approach deepens commitment, overcomes resistance and enhances the quality of change outcomes across the business.


What You get

The most important take away from this program is positive, adaptive change.  This is supported by increased alignment and buy in across your business, with the potential to elegantly deal with the natural resistance that can emerge around change. This often leads to greater ROI for efforts.

The business also gains a powerful set of models and frameworks to help empower future change.  A likely outcome is a greater capacity to change, the skills to change and the culture to support your efforts.

The change strategy sets the organisation up to align all efforts of the business to deliver the change outcome in a form that can be embedded right across the business. 

Ongoing coaching and implementation support means that you are not alone in your approach, but rather can continue to draw on the expertise and experience to enhance your approach, and deal with unexpected issues as they arise.


why choose us

At the Better Game we specialise in adaptive change.  This means we have developed the knowledge, skills and experience to assist you take your organisation to its next level. 

Working in large corporates delivering over 600 million Euros of sales growth in 18 months, to facilitating start up biotech firms develop clear and powerful strategies that have led to major international deals and fundraising. 

The Better Game’s approach is informed by best practice and published research, delivering real-world results.

Want to know more

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