Better Coaching & Mentoring Program

Coaching to help you to perform better, wherever you are starting from. 


The Program

Coaching is not just for those falling behind – it is for any leader pr performer who wants to shift to ‘better’.  This means coaching is a key component of keeping highly performing individuals, leaders and teams continue to adapt to stay at the top of their game, as much as it is about helping people catch back up.

Using a unique range of methodologies and coaching models, the Better Game approach can include 360 narrative analysis of performance, fitness assessments and even psychometric assessments.  We build out personal strategy development frameworks that simplify and actively support the change to desired and high performance behaviours.  Using situational awareness processes, Emotional Intelligence frames, performance orientation and skill models, we help individuals, leaders and teams redefine better and actively build strategies to achieve it.

What does better look like to you? – starting here and working forward, fully supported.


What You get

Being coached or mentored by the Better Game, you get:

  • 1:1 Confidential conversations and sessions, in person or over digital technologies.
  • Access to assessment processes including initial assessment, 360 narrative report, feedback and gap analysis.
  • Performance strategy and clear coaching roadmap
  • Skills, frameworks and tool kits of high performance,
  • Ongoing mentoring and support.
  • Highly individualised and focused delivery (no cookie cutter approaches)


why choose us

At the Better Game we specialise in adaptive change.  This means we have developed the knowledge, skills and experience to assist you take your organisation to its next level. 

Working in large corporates delivering over 600 million Euros of sales growth in 18 months, to facilitating start up biotech firms develop clear and powerful strategies that have led to major international deals and fundraising. 

The Better Game’s approach is informed by best practice and published research, delivering real-world results.


Want to know more

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