Adaptive Culture Cultivator Program

Create the culture that supports your sustained high-performance aspirations


The Program

Culture can be defined as the set of behaviours that people in the organisation unconsciously deploy because they are valued and within agreed standards.  Culture is unconsciously negotiated between your staff, and it can be pervasive and limiting to high performance behaviours.  In this program, we review your culture, define and align what it could be at maximum fitness.

Our unique approach to culture enhancement involves understanding the seven pillars of culture, taking an adaptive change approach and focusing in on high performance strategy development. This program works through consulting or facilitated workshops to get buy in, engagement and clear strategic steps to modify the culture in positive ways.

This work is then supported to create high performance culture throughout the whole organisation and with training, coaching and facilitated workshops, a deep change in cultural capacity can be achieved.


What You get

When you take part in this program you get:

  • A new approach to culture and high-performance behaviour selection and reinforcement.
  • Current state fitness and cultural assessment.
  • Strategy development workshop and over-arching culture change strategy report.
  • Tool kits and frameworks to support ongoing cultural change.
  • Facilitation, coaching and consulting leading to a practical approach to setting and adapting culture.
  • Consulting and research, facilitated workshops, ongoing coaching and training, implementation assistance.


why choose us

At the Better Game we specialise in adaptive change.  This means we have developed the knowledge, skills and experience to assist you take your organisation to its next level. 

Working in large corporates delivering over 600 million Euros of sales growth in 18 months, to facilitating start up biotech firms develop clear and powerful strategies that have led to major international deals and fundraising. 

The Better Game’s approach is informed by best practice and published research, delivering real-world results.


Want to know more

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